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Sinus problems, and Chronic Rhinosinusitis in particular, are some of the most common conditions experienced by the population. They account for a great number of days taken off work, and are often treated successfully by medication. However, many patients go on to need surgical management which is best performed by a specialist sinus surgeon in order to get the best long term outcomes.

The Nose and Face are one of the most common parts of the body for which patients seek aesthetic advice. They may be interested in learning about rhinoplasty (nose job), pinnaplasty (ear pinning surgery), or wrinkle treatments. They may also have facial skin cancers which require removal followed by facial reconstruction.

The important aspect of surgery in this region is to maintain overall facial harmony. ENT surgeons spend years of specialist training in this area, and operate predominantly in the head and neck region. This leads to great focus and experience in facial plastic surgery.

Mr San Sunkaraneni is a UK specialist Sinus, Rhinoplasty and Facial Surgeon, seeing patients from London, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. He also receives referrals from other parts of the UK and from overseas. Mr Sunkaraneni's NHS practice is almost exclusively focused on the nose, sinuses and face. This also applies to his private practice.

We hope you are able to find all the information you are looking for regarding the nose, sinuses and the face. There is also information about non-surgical treatments for the face. However, if there is anything further you would like to know about sinus surgery, rhinoplasty, or facial plastic surgery please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email, or you can follow us on Twitter (@NoseSpecialist) or on Facebook.